“The best roots artists have a strong knowledge of the tradition in which
they work, and Deacon George is a prime example of such an artist…A natural storyteller, songwriter, instrumentalist, and vocalist of the highest degree”
                             Dale Boyle 

"This guy not only plays amazing blues, spiritual and ragtime tunes that you rarely (if ever) get to hear, he does it with such tasty chops and generous spirit that you can't help being converted!"

        Rob Lutes

"DeaconGeorge not only captivates with his artistry, but draws in the audience with his easy-going banter and illustrations. By the end of the show, you’ve not only had a great time, you’ve also come away enriched and enlightened. Glorious ol’ time music combined with impassioned delivery and refreshing creativity make for an experience you won’t soon forget."  
                                                                        Stan North, gospelflava.com

"George is a fine player and singer, and it's nice to hear someone doing that 'guitar evangelist' style--it is some of my favorite music."

                                                                                             Elijah Wald

deacon George

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"George Toufexis is playing a major role in keeping the history of the blues legends alive in Montreal.

     The first time I went to the Mad Monk Café, where I had the opportunity to see and listen to George, I was immediately impressed. George was telling stories about some of the musicians who used to play at my club, the Rising Sun--blues luminaries such as Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Lightnin' Hopkins and Memphis Slim. Listening to him brought back memories of those wonderful times.

     Thank you, George, for sharing your rich​ store of knowledge, for both entertaining and educating your audience.   You are truly helping to keep the blues -- the source of so much of today's music -- alive and well."    

                              Doudou Boicel 


My name is George Toufexis and I am an

artist       http://www.georgetoufexisartist.com 

and musician living in Montreal Canada. I have been married to my wife Gerrie for 45 years and we have three grown sons, and four grand-babies. I go by the name "Deacon George" on stage and have been performing in and around Montreal for many years; playing acoustic and electric blues of all kinds: from obscure old country blues to classic and contemporary, but my real passion has been the old country Spirituals and Blues I first heard sung by street singers and bluesmen on reissued recordings of the 20's and 30's. My natural curiosity has led me to research the sometimes obscure meanings of these songs. This thirst for understanding has taken me further and deeper into the history of this rich legacy and it is my joy to share it.